The Best Fire Starters for Your BBQ

Barbecue is always fun, especially for people who are playful with fire and thrills for lighting. Great tasty food is what barbecue offers, which in fact makes lighting and firing an exciting job. However, at most of the times lighting either the charcoal or wood, that allows barbecue to serve its purpose becomes difficult and time-consuming. It is important to get the lighting right, lest the dish might just not get the right taste and thereby, lighting is one of the crucial steps in barbecue process. I have gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best fire starters available in the stores.

1.Chimney starter

Probably one of the most widely recommended fire starters for barbecues to get started with work much quicker. It works with a simple mechanism, but efficiency is what it guarantees. A newspaper is to be placed at the bottom, and then it needs to be lit. The fire and heat of the newspaper would ignite the bottom coals and then the fire builds up. If you think you want to go the whole eco-friendly way. A chimney starter is quicker in action and also does not produce chemical taste and odor, unlike the lighter fluid.


  1. Looftlighter

If you just can not wait long to have your barbecued food and is in a real hurry to get it done soon, due to some other activities, look lighter is what you can rely on. Looftlighter lights the charcoal with super heated air in seconds without the liquid fluid. Touch the pile of coal with the tip of looftlighter, and you can see the coal turning red in one minute or less! The aluminum heat shield helps looftlighter cool down quickly after use. As there are no direct flames that are involved, it is much safer and convenient to use. Overall, it is eco- friendly as it is just, clean hot air.

3.Electric Starter

Electric stuff is produced for anything and everything that one needs to do. Fire starters are no exceptions to this; these are smoke hollow electric smoker to start off coal, burning. The electric coil has to be placed in the pile of coal and once the coal gets red, take off the coil. One could also do some other task while the coil is placed in the pile of coal, as it needs no assistance. Thereby, making the task much easier.

  1. Propane torch

Propane torches are also decent if you want the coal to burn much quicker. Hit the spark with it after connecting it to a propane tank and done! The whole pile of coal will be glowing within few minutes, and then your barbecue is set to move ahead in the process.


  1. Newspapers, Herbs and Pine cones!

Yes! These three together also ensures that barbecue starts off its activity. The newspaper should be wrapped around the pine cones and herbs; then the newspaper is to be placed beneath the pieces of coal. Newspaper wrap lets the coal burn, once it has been lighted. This becomes the last resort because it takes a bit more time than others to get the coal red.

Fire starters listed above does come to your rescue when you want the process to get quick or when you just want to make the process easy. These fire starters are all flavorless and odorless, unlike the lighter fluid that most of the times ruin the dish. Try all of these to know which one you would like better or try any of these to save your time and just get away with the process quick to enjoy your favorite food.

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